Second Session

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Our second summer internship session has come and gone.  Many thanks to Trevor Antrim, Mariana Vazquez-Walter, Bianca Lopez, and Alex Cohen for their many contributions to the ranch.

I’m too tired from the hot day outside to write the traditional essay about all the group accomplished, so here’s an alliterative assembly of their efforts.  (With apologies to Laurie Smith, Adele Barnett, and my wife if some of the following words aren’t real) these interns:

  • initiated India
  • hauled hydration
  • provided a paddock
  • weighed weanlings
  • stacked straw
  • raised roofs
  • trashed a truck
  • squished squash
  • planted pumpkins
  • buried beans
  • whacked weeds
  • acquainted the Amish
  • wrangled rabbits
  • chased chickens
  • conquered Catan
  • gathered gravel
  • planted posts
  • slathered stucco
  • stacked sandbags

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