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Rabbit Stats*

*These stats are preliminary and are subject to verification over the next several weeks.  Any rabbit reproduction from rabbits now separated by gender will indicate errors in the data.

Lindsey was kind enough to help me sex the rabbits yesterday.  She opted for the position of “rabbit holder” while I took on the role of “gender identifier.”  My job involved prodding rabbits what I hope what a non-molesty way and occasionally getting scratched or pooped on.  Lindsey job almost entirely involved getting scratched and pooped on.  See the photo:

Lindsey displays her rabbit poo-covered shirt and rabbit scratch-covered arms and legs. Should worn jeans.

The older rabbits were easy to identify by gender.  Just push down on the tail and up on the area above the genitals and voilà – an easily identifiable rabbit organ appears.  All you then have to do is evade the kicking feet of the rabbit long enough to see it.

The younger rabbits are much harder.  On them, both male and female parts stick out just a little bit and appear pretty similar.  You’re looking for a “circle” or a “slit” according to everything I read and everyone I asked about this.  That sounds easy enough, but in real rabbits circles and slits sometimes appear on the same rabbit’s special place depending on how much you lift the skin up.  So, there may be some discrepancies later from the numbers coming up next.

At the end of the day, we have 12 adult female rabbits.  Six of them currently have litters of varying ages.  That much we were pretty sure of before we started.

We have 29 bunnies ranging from “juvenile” to “I’m bigger than my mama bunny” to “I’m not a rabbit, I’m a capybara” in size.  Of those bunnies, 19 are male and 10 are female.  That’s almost exactly the opposite ratio that I was hoping for.  I wanted lots of female rabbits so that we could have more potential does to select from.  Of those female bunnies, 3 of them are the white lops that are really only good for pets and 1 of the others is Gabrielle (aka Cody’s special bunny).  So really we’ve only got 6 new does to select from of the “meat type” body conformation.

The males, however, offer several good potential bucks.  One is a definite keeper – he is solid, friendly, healthy, and almost twice as large as his litter mates.  There are two others that could be really good herd sires as well.

So now all of the rabbits have been marked with a livestock-marking pen.  Blue for boys and green for girls.  We were going to put them into the tractors yesterday as well, but it was literally 104F yesterday and we decided that it would not be a good day to stress the rabbits further.  Luckily a cool front is supposed to come in tonight, so I think rabbits will go into their tractors on Monday.

Stay tuned!

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