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Scavenger Hunt in the Tall Grass

Today I started going through the items that have been hidden in the unmowed reaches of jungle since we arrived 2 months ago.  We saw some of these things when we went to the property in December, but the grass is much lower in winter and I think there are some items that the previous owner either didn’t show us or that have been added to the piles since then.

Here’s some of what I found:

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Additionally, I uncovered a 6-foot by 8-foot rectangular prism made of steel tubing, a 90″ long and 44″ diameter metal culvert, more cinder blocks to add to the 100’s that we already knew about, around 35 steel T-posts in varying lengths, 104 3-foot step-in posts for electric fencing, metal grating, sawed-up tree trunks, massive amounts of steel tubing, and a small mountain of gravel.

I’m only about halfway done with all of the piles of stuff, so I’ll let you know if I uncover anything else interesting.

Readers, I need help.  I was able to move the culvert, gate with logs attached, greenhouse roofing, and other large items by myself with the truck, but I’m at a loss trying to think of a way to move a 30-foot telephone pole.  Any suggestions?  My resources include a truck with an 8-foot bed, a 12-foot trailer, and (for the weekend anyway) Lindsey.

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