Count the Hogs Game


A farmer has to be able to count quickly and accurately to make sure that all of the animals under his care are present.  The first sign of any issue – predator, illness, injury, birth – is an animal that is not keeping up with the herd.  Once all the animals have been accounted for, the farmer can then visually assess each animal for health and vigor.  Also, sometimes a particular farmer has a 2-year-old who must count everything all the time.  Either way, you’ve got to count your livestock once a day.

It sounds easy, but it definitely takes practice.  Want to try?

See how many hogs you can count in the photo above.

Remember, you’ve got a number of advantages in the photo that aren’t normal for farmers in real-life.  First, the photograph makes all the animals still.  Second, you don’t have to consider how many animals might be in the woods or elsewhere, just how many are in the photograph.

Give it a shot, come up with your number, and then scroll down for the correct answer.

Leave us a comment about whether you were right or not.

















Keep scrolling…..
























Keep scrolling…























Keep scrolling…




























pigs on a hill #


One thought on “Count the Hogs Game

  1. Sally b ferguson says:

    I missed the count by three — and with my new glasses

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