Breeding Season has Arrived

The bull went in with the cows and heifers back in July, so the Red Poll cattle on our ranch should have been bred a while back.  The cattle this year are relatively uncomplicated.  The bull isn’t related to any of the cows or heifers, so this year we can just keep the whole group together.

That is not the case with the goats.  Our best buck is related to our best doe (it’s his mother) and all of this year’s crop of doelings.  Since he’s such an outstanding young buck, however, we do want him to contribute his genes into our herd.  This means that today Lindsey and I had to split our goat herd in two.

The 5 doelings (Meg, Hotlips, Winnie, Gumby, and Cher) from this year’s kidding season plus Miss Priss are now in the newly-fenced South Field with all of the cattle.  We’ve put in the 2 Boer bucklings (Desmond and Tutu) to breed that group.  From those pairings we should get a nice group of 50% Boer/50% Kiko kids plus one set of 75% Boer/25% Kiko kids.

The 5 older does remain in the Front Field with Jack the alpaca and Jack the Kiko buckling (son of Miss Priss/sibling of Meg).  These pairings should yield 3 sets of 100% Kiko kids and 2 sets of 50% Boer/50% Kiko kids.

Our first due date is officially April 3, 2013!


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