Rabbits Don’t Like Heat

In fact, they die from it.

Our grower rabbits are in movable tractors on grass but our adults are in raised hutches to help generate manure and compost for our gardens.  We deliberately placed the hutches on the north side of our barn so they would only get sunshine in the morning and would be near the chicken house so the chickens could stir the rabbit manure/straw mixture into garden compost for us.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Even though the rabbits had plenty of water and were in a sheltered location, we lost 6 rabbits to the heat today.  It’s been over 100° F for over a week now and I think it was just finally too much.

We moved all of the hutches into the barn.  It will be cooler in there but there will also be less sunshine to sterilize everything.

This weather needs to break soon.  If this is June, I’m really not looking forward to July and August.



4 thoughts on “Rabbits Don’t Like Heat

  1. Renate says:

    It’s heartbreaking to lose animals like that! I’m so sorry it happened to you! Did you lose the ones in the hutches or those on the ground, or didn’t it make a difference?

  2. thebadegg says:

    I just found your website the other day because I was searching for examples of rabbit tractors. Thank you for posting the pics of your building process, it helped me build my own tractor yesterday!

    We’ve been dealing with the same heat issues with our rabbits. Triple digit heat for a number of days in a row. I\’m not sure what all you have available to you, but I homemade a burlap swamp cooler for my cages. I soak the burlap in water, drape it over their cages, and have misters continue to soak the burlap (not the rabbits) throughout the day. There\’s enough of a breeze where I am to get the evaporation going without using a fan. The first day I used this setup was the first time I didn’t catch them panting in the triple digit heat.

  3. @Renate – we didn’t lose any rabbits that were in tractors. Only ones in the hutches. Something to think about, huh? 🙂

    @thebadegg – glad we could help with your tractors! I’m working on a new design that I’ll probably get a chance to build in the fall that will allow the dams to stay with their kits on grass. I’ll post the design after I build it. That’s a good swamp cooler idea. We may have to try that tomorrow.

  4. Uncle Chris says:

    Maybe you can aairconditionthe hutch’s

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