Goat Preschool

Goat Preschool

Most of the goat kids are 1 month old now and growing quickly.  We are taking their 30-day weights and most of the kids have made it to 20 pounds in their first month of life.  That’s great – it means that they are healthy and their does are producing plenty of milk for them.

Generally the kids are together in a big group that Lindsey has taken to calling Goat Preschool.

The kids are full of antics.  Every dusk they do this bouncing-around-the-paddock routine that is a combination of hide-and-seek, freeze tag, high jumping, and interpretive dance.  Sometimes the 2 Red Poll calves join in as well but they are shunned.  I can almost hear the goats saying “Too big!  Too big!”

One of the kids’ favorite activities is Cow Surfing.  The kids love to climb on everything – the wheelbarrow I leave for them to play on, the mineral tub and stand, the shade shack, each other – and they will climb on the cows when they lie down as well.  Every once in a while a kid will manage to hang on through the process of the cow standing up and will ride along on the cow’s back for a bit – Cow Surfing!


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