Ivory’s Kids

Last night did not start off well.  I was also discombobulated because I had taken off of work early to get the alpaca sheared at 3 pm.  After I go home, loaded up the alpaca, and went to the farm where the shearing was supposed to happen, I found out that the shearers had decided to show up at 10 am instead.  So we still have an unshorn alpaca and we learned that shearers are apparently the opposite of cable repairmen.

But the day did get better.

Ivory bedded down and ready to deliver.

I drove Jack the Alpaca home, unloaded him, and moved him, the goats, and the cattle into a fresh paddock for the next day.  When I had everything done I watched Ivory paw out an area of grass and lie down.  She started breathing heavily and having contractions, so I sat down and turned the camera on.  Some readers might find some of the videos gross because there is a little bit of blood and fluid involved, so consider this your warning.  This first video is around 14 minutes long, but it does show the whole birthing process.  For those of you who are less patient than others, “real stuff” starts to happen around the 7-minute mark.


Ivory’s first kid


Ivory’s second kid



Both kids weighed in at a respectable 6 lbs even.  The first kid born, the brown one with black markings and a white star on its head, is a little doe.  The lighter-colored twin is a buckling.  Both were up and walking within minutes of birth and found the udder quickly.  Such a difference being born on time makes!  The poor premature kids from 3 weeks ago were nowhere near this size or level of vigor.

Go Ivory!

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3 thoughts on “Ivory’s Kids

  1. Uncle Chris says:

    Yay Ivory. Welcome to the new GLR additions and Congrats to Geoff and Lindsey!!

  2. pam mcpherson says:

    So glad everything went well . The babies are adorable! Mom

  3. wendy wheelis says:

    They are precious! Congrats on the new additions to your GLR family. Aunt Wendy & Uncle Wayne

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