New Old Truck

New Old Truck

New Old Truck

We needed a different truck.

We bought our current truck from the previous owner of our property.  It’s a 1997 Silverado 1500 with over 150,000 miles on it.  That’s all well and good, except in the last 2-3 months the transmission has decided that 2nd gear is superfluous, the doors have decided not to open from the inside, and the brake lines won’t hold fluid.  So basically, Lindsey declared it a death trap.

The new old truck we got today actually has more miles on it, but it’s newer and in much better shape.  It’s a 2004 GMC 2500 HD 4×4 diesel with a crew cab.  It also is loaded.  It should have everything we’ll need for the farm and family – room for 5 full-sized people, towing package with Reese and gooseneck hitches, 4×4, and nice tires.  Lindsey is a big fan of the seat warmers.  I looked it up, and this truck cost $48,000 when it was new.  The blue book on it is still over $20,000, and we got it for about half that.  We got a really good deal on it because of the miles, but mechanically it’s in great shape and it should last us a good long while.  (Knock wood)

Thanks to Mom and Pop for help with the down payment!

Lindsey’s singing a song as we speak:

“Geoffson got a real sweet ride.
Geoffson’s truck got doors that open from the inside.
Geoffson got a real sweet ride.”


One thought on “New Old Truck

  1. Uncle Chris says:

    Geoff that is a Sweet Truck…. Looks like new.

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