Kiko herdsire for sale or trade

Apollo in the morning sun

This is Apollo.  He is a 7-year old purebred Kiko buck.  He is for sale, and you should buy him.  🙂

He’s registered as an American Premier fullblood Kiko with the International Kiko Goat Association, and I have the papers to transfer the ownership to you.  Registered animals are just as easy to keep as non-registered ones, and registration is just easy added value.

More importantly for your breeding program, Apollo was a fast-growing buckling.  From a birthweight of 6 lbs he rocketed to 15 lbs in a month and 52 lbs at 90 days.  He has needed no worming and minimal foot care throughout his life and his time with us.  He is quite friendly and easy to catch.  Not an aggressive bone in his body.  He loves to be scratched behind the ears and on the forehead.

Kikos are the “go anywhere, do anything” goat.  They are great mothers with plenty of milk for multiple kids.  They grow quickly and are much more resistant to worms than the Boer breed.  We know – we have both Kikos and Boers under identical conditions.  They are a great meat goat for the humid midwest and southeast.

You can get him this spring and have your herd ready to drop kids in the early fall and have your kids ready for market next Easter.

Apollo is for sale for $350 – or make us an offer.

We would also trade him for another Kiko buck of similar quality or 2 young Kiko does.

If you’re interested you can comment below, email us (, or call us at 606.787.4217.  We can work out delivery if needed.

Apollo profile

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3 thoughts on “Kiko herdsire for sale or trade

  1. Renate says:

    In the second picture – is that the fencing you use? What is it, how does it work, and where did you get it??

    • Geoff says:

      That is portable electric fence. We use it in conjunction with a solar fence energizer. Premier is the company that made the ones we are using, although we got our fence fence secondhand from a neighbor. Premier makes good quality stuff. Highly recommended. If you get some, make sure you train your animals to it before you depend in it to keep them in because it is a psychological rather than a physical barrier. The freedom it gives the farmer to control grazing is incredible.

  2. Uncle Chris says:

    Good Luck and Gods Blessings on your sale

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