2012 Good Life Ranch Goals

  1. Produce, raise, and wean 2 healthy Red Poll calves.  Add any heifer calves to herd.
  2. Produce, raise, and wean 6-10 healthy Kiko and BoKi goat kids.  Add best does to herd.
  3. Lease or buy and resell a Red Poll bull to rebreed cows and breed heifers by September.
  4. Sell Apollo or trade him for another registered Kiko herdsire.
  5. Clear fence lines in preparation for fencing in the side field.
  6. Produce, raise, and sell at least 25 turkeys for the Thanksgiving market.
  7. Attract enough new customers to sell 10 special orders of poultry.
  8. Complete the Haitian dwelling – walls, roof, and basic kitchen.
  9. Complete construction on at least one additional Lifestyles Lane dwelling.
  10. Build new raised strawberry terraces over the old bed.
  11. Purchase 6 poultry electronets and an appropriate solar energizer.
  12. Buy a new farm truck – 4×4, gooseneck hitch, Reese hitch, and flatbed-equipped.
  13. Secure the greenhouse panels with bolts, nuts, and washers.  Fill in holes with insulation.
  14. Lime the front field to return pH to appropriate levels.
  15. Eliminate the bunch grass and Johnson grass from the front field.
  16. Attract 8-10 quality interns and give them a wonderful internship experience.
  17. Make the EggMobile mobile.
  18. Create a shade structure to rotate around pasture with the ruminants.
  19. In late summer, seed cool season grasses into front and side fields.
  20. Build a large worm bed from which to draw fertilizer for the garden and protein for poultry.

One thought on “2012 Good Life Ranch Goals

  1. Uncle Chris says:

    Geoff you are doing an unbelievably awesome job. You can also use the worms form the worm bed in the Lake behind Susan and Ronnie’s new House in Kentucky.

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