Dana and Meredith

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Our final internship period of 2011 brought us Dana Eardley and Meredith Prentice.

Dana Eardley will be a senior at the International School of the Americas in the upcoming year and she decided to take this internship as an opportunity to further her understanding of the relationships between plants, animals and the folk that take care of them. Dana is very fond of the environment and is striving to learn the steps that we can take in order to preserve the land while still producing the food that we need in order to survive. Her interest in poverty education also encouraged her decision to take this internship as she sees Lifestyles Lane as a great way to educate students on the topic.

Meredith Prentice will also be a senior at the International School of the Americas next year. She was very eager to participate at Good Life Ranch having interest in sustainable farming and getting a chance to work with the land. Having a love of the natural world, she found this a great opportunity with the intention of dedicating future studies to the environment

We got a lot more work done during this final internship experience.  Dana, Meredith, and I continued work on the Haitian dwelling in Lifestyles Lane – making a lot of progress on the cinder block walls and completely finishing the paver floor.  We also integrated Captain Jack, the new livestock guarding alpaca, into the herd of goats.  The gardens are into their heavy harvest period now as well, and we spent a great deal of time harvesting and preserving our garden vegetables.  We made pickles, froze pounds and pounds of beans, made salsas and jellies, and canned pear preserves.

Meredith and Dana were great workers and we will miss them a lot!



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