The Fab Five

The last 3 weeks have been extremely hectic and productive.  So hectic and productive that I haven’t found any time to blog about all of the progress we’ve been making here at Good Life Ranch.  We’ve also had 5 wonderful interns living with us, so getting some computer time during breaks has been a challenge.  They were such a fun group!

Joining us for the past 3 weeks have been Catherine Alvarez-McCurdy, Katie Black, Annalise Carington, Julian Cross, and Grayson Middleton.  Catherine joins us after graduating from the International School of the Americas before she goes to the University of Chicago in the fall.  Katie and Annalise are both graduates of Alamo Heights High School and are attending George Washington University and Middlebury College, respectively.  Julian is a sophomore at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  Grayson is a rising senior at the International School of the Americas.  All of them were absolutely wonderful people and very hard workers – we were so lucky to have been able to convince them to come!

We got so much accomplished while they were here.  I’ll try to list everything, but I’m sure I’ll forget something so the Fab 5 are free to comment and add anything I forget.  In those 3 short weeks we:
1.  Completely built the Cambodian structure in Lifestyles Lane out of lumber and bamboo (more on that in the next post).
2.  Started laying the cinder blocks for the Haitian Lifestyles Lane structure on top of the footer that previous interns Alexa and Cameron helped dig, pour, and level.
3.  Completed our first sales at the new farm stand.
4.  Cleaned out the spring crops in the garden and got the summer crops planted.
5.  Visited farmers’ markets in Bowling Green to pick one to join next year.
6.  Made lots of progress installing the cedar fence posts for the new fence in the front field.
7.  Raised a batch of broiler chickens to processing age, processed them, and sampled them in fried chicken and chicken and waffles.
8.  Started 2 new batches of broiler chicks, a new group of rare Magpie ducklings, and a new group of guinea keets.
9.  Maintained the road up to the top of the hill.
10.  Picked the blackberry crop and processed them into lots of great jam.
11.  Learned that ground cherry jelly is the absolute best!
12.  Survived stitches, upset stomachs, an orthodontical malfunction, a ticket for kayaking sans life jacket, and 110°+ heat indices.
13.  Managed to keep up with all of the regular farm chores as well.

I can’t say enough good things about this group of people.  They were just amazing.

Enjoy the pictures!

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One thought on “The Fab Five

  1. Uncle Chris says:

    Man Geoff y’all are really lookin good. SOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of y’all

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